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- Bhomick Sen

Bestselling Author, Memory and Mindset Coach, Public speaking Trainer.

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Bhomick Sen

Memory & Mindset Coach, Public Speaking Trainer and a Tedx Speaker.

Bhomick Sen
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It gives me immense pleasure as well as pride in introducing Bhomick Sen, the writer of this book, to its readers. I have known Bhomick since his primary school days, and he has been one of my most dedicated students. In the course of last decade, he has molded himself as one of the best Motivational Speakers and an established Expert on Memory Boosting Techniques in the country, delivering various workshops on holistic development, confidence building, mind power etc. Now, he has accumulated all his practical experiences in this book, to reach a wider audience. The book not only talks about memory improvement techniques, but also about the better nurturing of the mind. The strategies he has shared are 100% actionable and the illustrations stated have been picked up from the students’ own lives. The contents of this book are logical and thought-provoking. If students can use this book as a guide and learn the art of enhancing their memory, the labor that has gone into writing this book will be deemed amply rewarded. In a nutshell, the book has been made broad-based in order to serve the needs of a wider section of students as the language used is lucid and according to the students’ level of understanding. The book is up-to-date, dependable and a learner-friendly resource. Finally, I will say that this Book is a MUST for every individual, and I wish Bhomick all the very best in his future endeavors.

NARENDER BATRA – Teaching English for 43 years (Since 1977)

Ladder to Success, A-6/1, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi.

It gives me immense pleasure and pride in introducing Bhomick Sen, the writer of this book, to the readers. I have personally witnessed Bhomick spelling the magic on our students through his powerful mentoring of several life skills. The memory retention in particular is a great topic that enables students to learn faster in less time. Bhomick brings great passion to pass on these important learnings. His latest venture, this book not only talks about memory techniques but also about the better nurturing of the mind. The strategies shared are totally actionable by students. A must-read for all students. Highly recommended.

Priyadarshini Kachhwaha Founder and Former Principal BVBV Pratapnagar, Consultant – Suruchi Kendra (Cultural Wing of BVBV)

I have known Bhomick since 5+ years and truly admire the passion he brings to groom people, whether they are corporates or students . His approach to the workshops dedicated to students marks an holistic development leading to huge confidence building. I also recommended his Memory retention techniques to several students and its heartening to see student’s positive reactions to it. I truly believe that channelizing our mind power is not a easy thing , and this book exactly focuses on fundamentals of memory techniques to improve memory greatly. Every student and people who struggle to remember things must read this !

Abhilasha Vyas – Director-QA,

Publicis Sapient

I would like to congratulate my student Bhomick on his well-written book which not only talks about the memory techniques but also shows us the way as to how one can have an unbeatable mindset which is very essential in today’s world. He is a passionate Mentor to students and always works towards bring the change in people’s (specially students and youngsters) lives.

Ram Verma Most Experienced NLP Master Coach in India

I would like to congratulate Mr Bhomick Sen for this masterpiece, which he has written. One must agree that learning is something which is a lifelong phenomenon and in order to evolve regularly one must learn continuously. This book lays the emphasis on the fundamentals of learning and talks about how one can use advanced strategies and techniques to learn effectively. Today when most students perceive studies as pain, this book makes an effort to eliminate that pain by making studies and learning more interesting. I wish Bhomick all the best for the contribution he is making to the society by his workshops and now his book.

Arvind Singh Co-ordinator, Deendayal Rashtriy Prashikshan Mahaabhiyan, Bharatiya Janata Party

We are all learners in life. But, are we all smart learners? Are we aware of the secrets of becoming a smart learner? Are we one step ahead of our peers in facing the challenges of student life? Are we knowledgeable about principles of learning? Are we getting results commensurate with the efforts we are putting in learning? All such questions and much more is to be found in the book titled “Hidden secrets of a super learner” written by a super learner himself Shri Bhomick Sen. The book is a treasure trove for students of all ages who can dip into it and enrichen themselves.

Upma Srivastava IAS, Additional Secretary. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

About The Book

Hidden Secret Memory Book
Hidden Secret Memory Book
Hidden Secret Memory Book


Learn How to harness your Unlimited Mind Power and Improve your Memory by 10X

For over a decade now , I have been working closely with students, parents and teachers. This book contains all of my experiences, teachings and case studies which I have gained over this period of time understanding the challenges faced by students and resolving them. Over a period of time what I have understood is “No matter how hard you try, if you are working against the Principles of Learning, the road to “become a better learner” and success will be a tough one”. Understanding the basic Principles of Learning, you can tap into the unlimited power of your mind and will no longer have to struggle with academics. Also, once you understand how to harness this Power, you will develop a Mind of Steel which is unshakable in any circumstance.

This Book Will Reveal To You

  • Harnessing the Power of a Trained memory and see the Miracles Happen.
  • Learn how to use the Power of Visualization to surge the Retention power.
  • What kind of a Learner are you? Understand and apply the respective strategies to Learn Better.
  • Effective Ways to Deal with Stress and Beat the Exam Pressure
  • Time proven and super effective Memory Building Techniques/Strategies.
  • Unlocking the secrets behind Concentration, Focus, etc and doing them effectively.
  • How to Eliminate Distractions.
  • How to make Effective NOTES, so that you remember More.
  • Getting Rid of Bad Habits and Forming the Productive ones Easily.
  • Beat Procrastination and Learn to FINISH Work NOW!
  • Beat Worry and Overthinking, be absolutely sure about your Success.

Quotes By Bhomick Sen

We are Distinct, not Damaged

Denial eventually leads to Disillusionment.

To Become Who You Want To Be, You Must Know Who You Are.

It is the Thoughts and Deeds that will determine the Quality of life, not the Circumstances.

Over Thinking kills Creativity…

Your Problems should never become Your Child’s Problems; Your Aspirations must never become their Ambitions, Your Failures should never be their Life Lessons, Your Achievements must never become their Benchmarks

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