About the Book

Hidden Secret Memory Book
Hidden Secret Memory Book
Hidden Secret Memory Book


Learn How to harness your Unlimited Mind Power and Improve your Memory by 10X

For over a decade now , I have been working closely with students, parents and teachers. This book contains all of my experiences, teachings and case studies which I have gained over this period of time understanding the challenges faced by students and resolving them. Over a period of time what I have understood is “No matter how hard you try, if you are working against the Principles of Learning, the road to “become a better learner” and success will be a tough one”. Understanding the basic Principles of Learning, you can tap into the unlimited power of your mind and will no longer have to struggle with academics. Also, once you understand how to harness this Power, you will develop a Mind of Steel which is unshakable in any circumstance.

This Book Will Reveal To You

  • Harnessing the Power of a Trained memory and see the Miracles Happen.
  • Learn how to use the Power of Visualization to surge the Retention power.
  • What kind of a Learner are you? Understand and apply the respective strategies to Learn Better.
  • Effective Ways to Deal with Stress and Beat the Exam Pressure
  • Time proven and super effective Memory Building Techniques/Strategies.
  • Unlocking the secrets behind Concentration, Focus, etc and doing them effectively.
  • How to Eliminate Distractions.
  • How to make Effective NOTES, so that you remember More.
  • Getting Rid of Bad Habits and Forming the Productive ones Easily.
  • Beat Procrastination and Learn to FINISH Work NOW!
  • Beat Worry and Overthinking, be absolutely sure about your Success.

The population on the planet is constantly exploding and so is the competition. This cut-throat competition is like running the rat race in a pursuit to excel. While Everyone’s situation is unique, there are a few problems that almost all students deal with academically during their time at school. And they are as follows :

  • Not able to easily memorize your course content
  • Once memorized, but not able to Retain it for a long period of time
  • We have interest in one subject but lack the same in other
  • The entire year we study and right in the examination hall, we forget everything ..
  • When we sit down to study, the inner voice just wants to procrastinate
  • Distractions !!!

With the Help of these Time proven memory techniques and strategies, you will no longer find remembering you syllabus a Pain, rather it will become a cake walk for you! By implementing these techniques in your day to day life you can learn how to :

  • Enhance your vocabulary by learning new words daily and remembering them for a long time.
  • Remember Periodic table, Reactivity series, multiple choice question answers.
  • Remember History Dates , Numbers, Articles numbers, etc
  • Remember Book and Authors, Inventions and Inventors , Spellings.
  • Anything and Everything what you need to learn!