Student Empowerment Programs.

As teachers and educators, you have been doing a great service to the society for the young minds

However, the changing Global scenario has given rise to fresh challenges, uncertainty, and opportunities requiring these young minds to think and act differently. This is exactly what we intend to present, ‘a specialized training program’ under the banner of –Student Empowerment Programs.

Student empowerment is an approach that puts students at the center of the learning process which allows them to :

  • Be better decisions makers
  • Expose them to work in a team with a collaboration model
  • Give them the confidence to achieve their goals
  • Become a better communicator and master the key Life Skills (like  Self Awareness, Public Speaking, Problem solving, Time management, Emotional Intelligence, Anger/Stress management) which have now become a must have (The above list of Life Skills is laid down by WHO).

For the last decade, I have been empowering students via these workshops and through this draft I would like your support in conducting a joint ‘workshop and Life skills program’ in your esteemed institute. These signature programs are prepared keeping in mind the current and future challenges a student might face and works on the holistic development of students. Details of which can be found overleaf.